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The papers (links) on this site are written by confessional theologians for further study by confessional Lutherans and should be very edifying. Please be advised however that not all of the papers (links) have been evaluated for doctrinal content. Please read with caution.

Revelation, Scripture, and Authority
The Doctrine of Holy Scripture in the Lutheran Confessions
The Holy Scriptures: Like Christ, Divine and Human
Moses and the Book of Genesis: Inspired Author, or Inspired Compiler and Editor?
The Ancient Fathers on “Sola Scriptura”
Saint Ambrose on the Authority of Holy Scripture
A Defense of “Sola Scriptura” (James E. Kiefer [an Anglican])
“Charismatic” Phenomena and the Lutheran Confessions
Prophecies of the Reformation? (Frederick George Smith [a member of the Church of God])
Scripture and Tradition in the Lutheran Confessions (Holsten Fagerberg)
Inspiration of the Scriptures and Question in Apologetics (C. H. Little)
The Witness of History for Scripture (Homologoumena and Antilegomena) (Francis A. O. Pieper)
The Power of God’s Word (Robert D. Preus)
The Bible is the Authoritative Word of God (Kenneth Schurb)
On the Verbal Inspiration of Scripture (Hannu Lehtonen)
Lessons From Luther on the Inerrancy of Holy Writ (John Warwick Montgomery)
Legal Hermeneutics and the Interpretation of Scripture (John Warwick Montgomery)
The English Bible (August O. W. Pieper)
True Knowledge (August O. W. Pieper)
Ten Commandments of Bible Interpretation (Roger Kovaciny)
The Gospel and the Scriptures (Gregory Lockwood)
Mary and the Pope: Remarks on the Dogma of the Assumption of Mary (Hermann Sasse)
The Authority of Scripture, of Tradition, and of the Church (Philip Melanchthon) [PDF]



The Lutheran Confessions
Martin Luther’s Writings
The Lutheran Reformation
Apostles’ Creed
The Nicene Creed, Symbol of Faith
Augsburg Confession
A Plea for the Augsburg Confession (William Julius Mann)
Luther’s Small Catechism
Book of Concord - Formula of Concord - Concordia
An Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism - 1935 edition (Joseph Stump)
An Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism - 1907 edition (Joseph Stump)
An Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism - 1907 edition (Joseph Stump)
Explanation of Doctor Martin Luther’s Small Catechism (Augustana Synod)
An Explanation of Dr. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism - 2001 edition (ELS)
An Explanation of The Small Catechism - 1991 edition (LCMS)
A Short Exposition of Dr. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism - 1912 edition (Missouri Synod)
Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism (Harold Ulrik Sverdrup)
Project Wittenberg
What Do Lutherans Believe?
Catholic, But Not Roman Catholic
The Catholic Faith of the Lutheran Church
The Ecumenical Councils and the Lutheran Confessions
The Eastern Church in the Lutheran Confessions
The Nicene Creed and the Filioque: A Lutheran Approach
Are the Lutheran Confessions a Practical Document Today?
Confessing the Faith in the Language of America
Confessional Subscription (Robert D. Preus)
What Are the Lutheran Confessions? (Robert D. Preus)
The Lutheran Confessions and the Bible (Robert D. Preus)
The Lutheran Confessions and the Gospel (Robert D. Preus)
The Holy Gospel and the Holy Scriptures (Robert D. Preus)
Reply to the Augustana: The Roman Confutation (1530)
Formula of Pious Consensus Among the Pastors of the Saxon Churches (Lucas Ungleich)
FC X and the Confession of the Gospel (William Weedon)
The Confessional History of the Lutheran Church (James William Richard)


God and Creation
Summary of the Holy Trinity (Martin Chemnitz)
The Highest Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity in the Old Testament (David Hollaz)
One God in Three Persons (William C. Weinrich)
Saint Ambrose on the Procession of the Holy Spirit
Adam, Eve, and Seth: Image of the Trinity? - Quotations from St. Gregory of Nazianzus
The Father as “the Source of the Godhead” and the Eternal Procession of the Holy Spirit
Augustine and the “Two Gregories” on the Origin of the Holy Spirit (Kallistos Ware [Eastern Orthodox])
Is God In Hell?
Question of the Origin of Souls (C. H. Little)
Question of the Component Parts of Man’s Being (C. H. Little)
Does God Exist and Where Can I Find Him? (Richard P. Bucher)
Our Triune God (Peter Toon [an Anglican])
Luther and Science (Donald H. Kobe)
Luther on Evolution (Paul A. Bartz)
Is God an Evolutionist? (David N. Menton)
Genesis, Creation, and Life (Gregory Lockwood)
Angels: The Mysterious Messengers (Laurence L. White)
The Devil’s Fraud, Lies, and Deception (Martin Luther)
Bugenhagen, Luther, and Chemnitz on Demonic Possession and Exorcism
Quotes from Lutheran Pastoral Handbooks on the Topic of Demon Possession
Spiritism: A Study of Its Phenomena and Religious Teachings (Theodore Graebner)
The Institution of Marriage (Geoffrey Noller)
Genesis, Creation, and Life (Gregory Lockwood)


Grace and Election
An Accounting to the Congregations of the Norwegian Synod (Ulrik Vilhelm Koren)
Why Are Some Saved and Others Lost?
What Did Luther Believe About Predestination?
Doctrine of Predestination (Part One) (Nikolaus Selnecker)
Doctrine of Predestination (Part Two) (Nikolaus Selnecker)
Doctrine of Predestination (Part Three) (Nikolaus Selnecker)
Commentary on Romans 11:33-36 (Georg Stöckhardt)
Luther Warns About the Dangers of Decision Theology (Bill Ritchie)
Predestination: The Great Doctrine of Comfort (Richard P. Bucher)
The Controversy Concerning Predestination (C. F. W. Walther)
The Doctrine of Election Presented in Questions and Answers (C. F. W. Walther)
There is Nothing New Under the Sun (C. F. W. Walther)
The Doctrine of Election, or Predestination (Fred Kramer)
What We Teach Concerning Election (the Wauwatosa Faculty)
Where Faith Comes From (Johannes Brenz)
The Contribution of Adolf Hoenecke to the Election Controversy (John Schroeder)


The Person and Work of Christ
Martin Luther on “Clauso Utero” and “Semper Virgo”
Jesus, Mary and Martin
The Two Natures In Christ (Martin Chemnitz)
Concerning the State of Exinanition and Exaltation (Johann Gerhard)
The Atonement and Modern Thought (Junius B. Remensnyder)
Doctrine of the Humiliation of Christ (C. H. Little)
Doctrine of the Impeccability of Christ (C. H. Little)
Who Is Jesus Christ? (Richard P. Bucher)
Yesterday, Today and Forever (Peter Toon [an Anglican])
Jesus and the Wrath of God (David P. Scaer)
“All Theology Is Christology” (David P. Scaer)
A Tender, Unitarian Christmas (Aaron D. Wolf)


The Law and the Gospel
Saint Ambrose on Law and Gospel
Chemnitz on Mortal & Venial Sin
Chemnitz on Absolution
Chemnitz on Penance
The Power of the Gospel (Philip Melanchthon)
The Gospel and Justification (Jacob A. O. Preus)
The Gospel as Words (Jacob A. O. Preus)
The Scandal of the Cross (James Woelmer)
Martin Luther on Preaching (Patrick Ferry)
Private Confession in the Lutheran Church (Paul H. D. Lang)
Private Confession and Absolution (William M. Cwirla)
The Gospel (Carl Manthey-Zorn)
What Is the Gospel? (Richard P. Bucher)
Doctrine Concerning the First Sin (C. H. Little)
What’s So Original About Sin? (Charles St-Onge)
Law and Gospel (25 Theses) (C. F. W. Walther)
The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel (C. F. W. Walther)
Walther, Law and Gospel, and the State of the Church Today (Daniel Preus)
Law and Gospel in the Writings of C. F. W. Walther (Daniel Preus)
Propositions on Unevangelical Practice (H. C. Schwan)
On the Efficacy of the Divine Word (Adolf Hoenecke)
Why Doesn’t our Preaching Get More Results? (August O. W. Pieper)
The Word Is the Fountain of Life (Markku Särelä)
Using the Third Use: Formula of Concord VI and the Preacher’s Task (Jonathan G. Lange)
God’s Will and Command (John Schaller)
On Being a Theologian of the Cross (Gerhard Forde)
From Arrowhead to Augsburg: Bill Bright in the Light of the Lutheran Confessions (Craig A. Parton)
The Third Use of Law (John Warwick Montgomery)
Falling Away from Faith (George F. Wollenburg)
Mortal and Venial Sin: A Lutheran Distinction? (Adam G. Cooper)


Holy Baptism
Martin Luther: A “Born Again” Christian
On Baptism (David Chytraeus)
Baptism as Consolation in Luther’s Pastoral Care (John T. Pless)
Christ’s Teaching on Holy Baptism (Jeff Gross)
Evidence for Infant Baptism in the Church Fathers and Inscriptions
Baptism in the New Testament (A. Andrew Das)
Infant Baptism (A. Andrew Das)
The Augsburg Confession and Its Apology, Article IX: Baptism (Scott M. Marincic)
Infant Baptism in Early Church History (Dennis Kastens)
Infant Baptism in the Early Church
Early Church on Trinitarian Baptism
Continually Learning the Meaning of our Baptism (Peter Bender)
Is Baptism Our Symbolic Work for God or God’s Powerful Work for Us? (Richard P. Bucher)
Why We Baptize Babies (Richard P. Bucher)
Scriptural Baptism (Uuras Saarnivaara)


The Sacrament of the Altar
Some Quotations Pertaining to the Consecration and the Sacramental Union
The Consecration (Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal - 1908)
The Antiquity of Infant Communion (Roger T. Beckwith [an Anglican])
Lutheran Voices on the Theology and Practice of Infant Communion
Accedat verbum ad elementum, et fit sacramentum (John A. Frahm)
The Lord’s Supper
Luther on the Lord’s Supper
Martin Luther on the Careful and Reverent Administration of the Blood of Christ
Preface to Vom Sakrament des Altars (Hermann Sasse)
The Holy Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christ (John W. Berg)
Communion Frequency in the Lutheran Confessions
Martin Chemnitz on the Frequency of Holy Communion
“Pious Meditations” on the Presence of Christ in His Holy Supper (Martin Chemnitz)
The Administration and Reception of the Lord’s Supper
Which Churches Have the Lord’s Supper? Which Churches Do Not?
Was a Common Cup Used at the Last Supper? (Joseph Abrahamson)
The Frequency of the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper in the Church (Randal Ehrichs)
The Lord’s Supper in the Congregation (Kenneth W. Wieting)
The Lord’s Supper on the Lord’s Day
Communion Every Sunday: Why? (Klemet Preus)
The Use and Benefit of the Sacrament of the Altar (Jesse M. Jacobsen)
Early Church on the Bodily Presence
It’s Not Ours But The Lord’s Supper! (Naomichi Masaki)
The Self-Communion of Pastors (Peter Anton Widvey)
The Self-Communion of the Clergyman (Karl Heinrich Meusel)
The Sacrament of the Altar: A Book on the Lutheran Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper (Tom G. A. Hardt)
The Case of the Lost Luther Reference (Bjarne W. Teigen)
Luther and the Mass: Justification and the Joint Declaration (Daniel Preus)
Christ Today: His Presence in the Sacraments (Arthur Carl Piepkorn)
We Are Not Ashamed of Their Ardent Struggle (Hermann Sasse)
Church and Lord’s Supper (Hermann Sasse)
Holy Communion: Forgiveness or Assurance? (Adam G. Cooper)


Justification and Sanctification
Some Quotations Pertaining to the Subject of Justification
Through Whom and How the Corruptions of the Article of Justification Were Refuted (Martin Chemnitz)
A Treatise on Justification (Robert Barnes)
Early Church and Justification by Grace
Chrysostom on Justification
Martin Luther: the Separated “Son” of Augustine (Michael J. Scanlon [a Roman Catholic])
The Importance of Justification by Faith
The Twofold Effect and Activity of Faith (Joseph Stump)
The Mystical Union (Joseph Stump)
Mystical Union (David H. Bauslin)
The Mystical Union in the Lutheran Confessions
Justification and Deification (D. Richard Stuckwisch)
Doctrine of Justification, Predestination, and Doctrine of the Assurance of Salvation (C. H. Little)
Ambrose on Justification: A Study in the Catholicity of Lutheran Theology
The Justification of the World (Herman Amberg Preus)
Objective Justification (Robert D. Preus)
Justification and Easter: A Study in Subjective and Objective Justification (Tom G. A. Hardt)
Objective Justification (Kurt E. Marquart)
Luther Revisited: The Doctrine of Justification Is Still the Issue (Rolf D. Preus)
The Enduring Relevance of the Doctrine of Justification (Rolf D. Preus)
Do Lutherans and Roman Catholics Agree on Justification? (Rolf D. Preus)
The Doctrine of Justification in the Theology of Robert Preus (Rolf D. Preus)
Original Sin, Justification, and Sanctification (Bill Ritchie)
Concerning the Doctrine of Justification (C. F. W. Walther)
C. F. W. Walther, Justification and the Joint Declaration (Daniel Preus)
The Lutheran Identity Crisis: With Emphasis on the Doctrine of Justification (Daniel Preus)
Sanctification: By Grace Alone (David P. Scaer)
The Blessed Duel (Stephen C. Krueger)
How Can Our Good Works Please God... God’s Work or Ours? (Harold L. Senkbeil)
The Mystic Union: Another Source of Comfort (Skip Goetzinger)
Freedom (Werner Elert)
Luther and Conversion (Richard Gilbert)
The Doctrine of Justification and Contemporary “Born Again” Theology (John F. Johnson)
Joint Lutheran / Roman Catholic Declaration on Justification: A Response (Concordia Theological Seminary)
The Sweetness of God’s Grace According to Bernard of Clairvaux (Franz Posset [a Roman Catholic])
Luther on Depression (Tony Headley [a Free Methodist])


The Ministry and the Church
Women Pastors in the Lutheran Church?
The Lutheran Doctrine of the Ministry: Confessional and Theological Resources
“The Public Ministry of the Word” Restated in Thetical Format
An Exercise in Parsing
Understanding “The Public Ministry of the Word”
Nine Theses on the Public Ministry of the Gospel
Is it Proper for a Woman to be Called to Administer the Lord’s Supper to Other Women?
The Public Ministry of the Gospel: The Testimony of Luther, Chytraeus, and Chemnitz
The Public Ministry of the Gospel: The Testimony of Krauth, Walther, Kaehler, and Jacobs
The Ministry and the Church (C. H. Little)
Doctrine of the Call to the Ministry (C. H. Little)
One Ministry in Two Senses: The Lutheran Doctrine of the Public Ministry of the Gospel
Nineteen Articles on the Public Ministry
Nineteen Articles on the Public Ministry: Testimonies
A Sermon on Keeping Children in School (Martin Luther)
Charles Porterfield Krauth on the Priesthood of Believers, the Ministry, etc.
The Church and the Ministry (Henry Eyster Jacobs)
The Doctrine of the Ministry As Taught by the Dogmaticians of the Lutheran Church (Henry Eyster Jacobs)
Pastors and Deacons in the Tennessee Synod
The Ministry (Joseph Stump)
The Ministry (Excerpt) (John A. W. Haas)
Theses concerning the Doctrine of Church and Office (Evangelical Lutheran Free Church)
Church and Ministry (Adolph M. Harstad)
The Relation of the Home to the Christian School (C. J. Quill)
God’s Mission, Holy Ministry and Divine Service (Timothy C. J. Quill)
The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod on the Ministry (Thomas P. Nass)
May a Layman Absolve, Baptize, or Administer Holy Communion? (Tilemann Heshusius)
Jerome Kromayer on Church and Ministry
Does a Congregation...have the Commit...the Holy Preaching Office to a Layman? (E. W. Kähler)
Some Reflections on the Military Chaplaincy
The Glory of the Gospel Ministry (Norman A. Madson)
Some Thoughts on the Divine Call to the Ecclesiastical Ministry of Word and Sacrament
Acts 6:1-6: An Exegetical Inquiry
A Few Thoughts about the Current Debate over the Doctrine of the Ministry
A Few Thoughts about the Individual Use of the Keys and the Public Use of the Keys
Some Material on the Concept of the “Divine Call”
Church and State, Congregation and Synod
Is Ordination Necessary? (Johann Conrad Dannhauer)
Ministers (Rolf D. Preus)
The Ministry of the Word: Evangelical Lutheran Theses (Rolf D. Preus & Steven R. Sparley)
The Lutheran Doctrine of the Office of the Ministry (Hermann Sasse)
On the Rights and Limitations of the Individual Congregation (Hermann Sasse)
“Official” and “Unofficial”; “Narrow Sense” and “Wider Sense” (Kurt E. Marquart)
The Gospel Ministry in the Lutheran Confessions (Kurt E. Marquart)
Lutheran Polity in the American Context (Kurt E. Marquart)
Congregational Authority: Spiritual and Temporal (Kurt E. Marquart)
The One Gospel Ministry and Auxiliary Offices (Kurt E. Marquart)
Book Review: The Church and Her Fellowship, Ministry, and Governance (John F. Brug)
Office of the Ministry - The Main Texts (Gregory Lockwood)
The Doctrine of Church Government (Francis A. O. Pieper)
Letter Concerning Lay Preaching (C. F. W. Walther)
The Altenburg Theses (C. F. W. Walther)
Concerning the Church (9 Theses) (C. F. W. Walther)
Concerning the Holy Preaching Office or the Pastoral Office (10 Theses) (C. F. W. Walther)
The Proper Form of an Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (66 Theses) (C. F. W. Walther)
The Sheep Judge Their Shepherds (C. F. W. Walther)
Comments on the Expulsion of a Lutheran “Deacon” (C. F. W. Walther)
Congregation and the State (C. F. W. Walther)
First Sermon at the Opening of the Synod (Excerpt) (C. F. W. Walther)
Sermon at the Installation of Two College Professors (C. F. W. Walther)
Contemporary Reflections on Church and Ministry in C. F. W. Walther (Cameron A. MacKenzie)
Church and Ministry (George F. Wollenburg)
The Teaching Office (Adolf Hoenecke)
Lay Preaching (George O. Lillegard)
The Office of a Pastor as School Overseer (C. A. T. Selle)
The Ministry as an Office in the Church (Ruben Josefson)
Change in Luther’s Doctrine of the Ministry (Lowell C. Green)
Wilhelm Loehe’s Teaching on the Office of the Holy Ministry
The Diaconate Now (various authors of various confessions)
Concerning the Fifth Chief Part in the Catechism (Johann Conrad Dietrich)
The Ultimate Church (Tom Raabe)
On the Two Churches (Robert Barnes)
Is the Church a Business? (Rodney E. Zwonitzer)
The Cute, The Cool, and the Catechized (Gene Edward Veith)
Why Each...Christian...Is Accountable...To Make Public Confession of His Faith... (Cyriacus Spangenberg)


The Liturgy and Worship
Why Is the Lutheran Church a Liturgical Church?
Should Infants and Small Children Be Present in Lutheran Worship Services?
Ceremonies in the Lutheran Church (Edward Traill Horn)
Outlines of Liturgics (Edward Traill Horn)
Worship, Liturgy, and Ceremonies in the Lutheran Confessions
Worship, Liturgy, and Ceremonies in the Lutheran Church
The Mature Luther on Ceremonies
Martin Chemnitz on Rites and Ceremonies
How Festivals Are Observed in Our Churches in the Fear of God (Martin Chemnitz)
Exhortation to Communicants (Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel Church Order)
Dutch Lutheran Worship
On Lay Readers (Robert W. Schaibley)
Historical Use of Layman Within the Worship Service (Rolf D. Preus)
Lutheran Worship Wars (Rolf D. Preus)
Sacramental Worship, Sacramental Preaching (Mark DeGarmeaux)
Lutheran Worship (Marc Haessig)
Through All Generations (Gene Edward Veith)
Faith: New Generation is Looking Back (Uwe Siemon-Netto)
Lutheran Hymnody: Orthodoxy in Song (Chad L. Bird)
The Law and the Gospel in the Liturgy (William M. Cwirla)
Liturgy Notes (S. P. Hebart)
Memoirs of the Lutheran Liturgical Association
Vestments and Liturgies (J. A. O. Stub)
The Proper Communion Vestments (P. Severinsen)
The Musical Heritage of the Church, Vols. 1-7
The Musical Reforms of Martin Luther (Charles K. Moss)
Luther on Music: Paradigms of Praise (Carl Schalk)
“With Angels and Archangels” (Dean M. Bell)
The Mystery of Worship (John W. Kleinig / Steve Rogers)
Holy Lord ... Holy Gifts ... Holy People (John T. Pless)
Ceremonies for Seekers (John T. Pless)
Liturgy and Pietism: Then and Now (John T. Pless)
Taking The Divine Service Into The Week: Liturgy And Vocation (John T. Pless)
Why Use the Historic Liturgy?
Lutheran and Arminian Theology: Their...Emphases and...Impact on Worship (Bill Ritchie)
What Is the Main Thing in Worship? (Richard P. Bucher)
Ten Good Reasons to Go to Church (Richard P. Bucher)
Lutheran Hymnody
Worship and Liturgical Reform at the Time of the Reformation [PDF]
The Veneration of Icons: Historical Development (Kallistos Ware [Eastern Orthodox])


Church Fellowship
Charles Porterfield Krauth on the Doctrine and Practice of Church Fellowship
Some Quotations Pertaining to the Subject of Prayer Fellowship (and Church Fellowship in General)
Question of Union Services (C. H. Little)
Question of the Attitude of the Church Toward the Lodge System (C. H. Little)
Theses on Open Questions (C. F. W. Walther)
The Drive to Opgjør: The Years 1900-1917 in the Old Norwegian Synod (Jerome Gernander)
A Brief Explanation of Our Communion Practice
A Short Study of “Closed Communion” on the Basis of the Lutheran Confessions (Robert W. Schaibley)
Inclusive Lutheranism (Hermann Sasse)
The Deconfessionalization of Lutheranism? (Hermann Sasse)
Concerning the Unity of the Lutheran Church (Hermann Sasse)
Altar-fellowship, Church-fellowship and Ecclesiastical Federation (Hermann Sasse)
Consensus, Article VII and the Unity of the Church (Adam G. Cooper)
Prayer Fellowship (Seth Erlandsson)
Fellowship in Its Necessary Context of the Doctrine of the Church (the “Overseas Committee”)
Theses on Church Fellowship (August L. Graebner)
The Leprosy of Unionism (Theodore Graebner)
Church Fellowship: A Historical Perspective (Kent A. Heimbigner)
Romans 16:17-18: Exegetical and Historical Reflections (Kent A. Heimbigner)
Fundamental and Non-fundamental Doctrines - and Church Fellowship (Paul E. Kretzmann)
The “Marks” of the Church (Kurt E. Marquart)
Church Fellowship (Kurt E. Marquart)
Ecumenism: Facts and Illusions (Kurt E. Marquart)
How Can We Give a Witness for Jesus Christ...While Avoiding...Unionism and Syncretism? (Daniel Preus)
Walther and Bohlmann on Open Questions (John C. Wohlrabe)
The Distinction Between Orthodox and Heterodox Churches (Francis A. O. Pieper)
The True Visible Church of God on Earth (Francis A. O. Pieper)
The Evangelical Lutheran Church the True Visible Church of God on Earth (25 Theses) (C. F. W. Walther)
Why the Church and the Lodge Disagree: A Lutheran Perspective (Walter P. Snyder)


Evangelism and Missions
Language, Culture, and National Identity in the Mission and Ministry of the Church
Wisdom from the Fathers Pertaining to the Establishment of Lutheran Home Mission Congregations
Might Cicero Be Saved?
Letter to Bernhard, a Converted Jew (Martin Luther)
Will Strictness Kill Our Church? (Theodore Graebner)
Deathly Evangelism (Ronald F. Marshall)
What’s Missing in Mission? (Gordon Gerhardy)


The Christian and Society
Some Comments on Citizenship and Leadership in a “Free Republic” (Polycarp Leyser)
Question of the Relation Between Church and State (C. H. Little)
Doctrine of the Lord’s Day (C. H. Little)
Question of Prohibition (C. H. Little)
Christianity & Culture: God’s Double Sovereignty (Gene Edward Veith)
The Doctrine of Vocation: How God Hides (Gene Edward Veith)
The Six Commandments of the Boomers (Todd Wilken)
Luther on Vocatio: Ordinary Life for Ordinary Saints (Steven A. Hein)
Reason and The Two Kingdoms: An Essay in Luther’s Thought (Steven A. Hein)
Luther on Family Life (Steven E. Ozment [not a Lutheran])
Luther: Sex, Marriage and Motherhood (Lyndal Roper [not a Lutheran])
A New Sexual Revolution: The Case for Modesty (Gilbert Meilaender)
The Sanctification of Human Life (Alvin J. Schmidt)


Death and Resurrection
The Restoration and Resurrection of the Dead, Part I (David Hollaz)
The Restoration and Resurrection of the Dead, Part II (David Hollaz)
The Condition of the Soul Between Death and the Resurrection (John Theodore Mueller)
Doctrine of the Millennium and the Conversion of Israel (C. H. Little)
The Doctrine of Hades (C. H. Little)


The Incarnate Christ: The Apologetic Thrust of Lutheran Theology (John Warwick Montgomery)
The Jury Returns: A Juridical Defense of Christianity (John Warwick Montgomery)
Science, Theology, and the Miraculous (John Warwick Montgomery)
Jesus: Legend or Lord? (Paul L. Maier)
History, Archaeology and Jesus (Paul L. Maier)
The Times and Places of Jesus (Paul L. Maier)
Apologetic Lectures on the Moral Truths of Christianity (Christoph Ernst Luthardt)


Multi-Topical and Miscellaneous
The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology (Charles Porterfield Krauth)
The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology (Charles Porterfield Krauth) [second site]
The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology [edited and reformatted]
Charles Porterfield Krauth, Vol. I (Adolph Spaeth)
Charles Porterfield Krauth: The American Chemnitz [PDF]
Documentary History of the General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Solomon Erb Ochsenford)
First Free Lutheran Diet in America - 1877
The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Heinrich F. E. Schmid)
The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Heinrich F. E. Schmid) [second site]
Christian Dogmatics: A Compendium of the Doctrines of Christianity (Hans Martensen)
Outlines of Doctrinal Theology (August L. Graebner)
Christian Theology (Milton Valentine)
A Summary of the Christian Faith (Henry Eyster Jacobs)
A Summary of the Christian Faith (Henry Eyster Jacobs) [second site]
Biblical Dogmatics (A. G. Voigt)
The Lutheran Manual (Junius B. Remensnyder)
The Lutheran Pastor (George Henry Gerberding)
The Lutheran Pastor (Select Quotations) (George Henry Gerberding)
The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church (George Henry Gerberding)
Why Should a Lutheran Not Join Any Sectarian Church? (V. W. Richter)
The Lutheran Movement of the Sixteenth Century (David H. Bauslin)
Four Hundred Years: Commemorative Essays on the Reformation of Dr. Martin Luther
Quotable Quotes (on the Scriptures, the Confessions, and the Lutheran Church)
The “Lutheran” Solas in the Fathers of the Church
The Biblical and Confessional Worldview (2003)
The Confessional and Biblical Worldview (2004)
The Confessional and Biblical Worldview (2005)
John 6:35-58 in the Lutheran Confessions
Evangelical Catholics and Confessional Evangelicals (Gene Edward Veith)
Postmodern Times: Facing a World of New Challenges & Opportunities (Gene Edward Veith)
Luther Lite & Reformation Schmooze (Craig A. Parton)
How Martin Luther Dealt With the Devil
Faith and “Theosis” (Michael C. D. McDaniel)
Luther’s Mystical Theology (Eric J. Swensson)
Luther on Using Crucifixes
On Crucifixes (Paul T. McCain)
On My Heart Imprint Thine Image: A Closer Look at the Crucifix and the Question of Graven images (Marcus T. Zill)
A Little Loehe for Lutherans
A Few Good Quotes
Is Your Church Catholic Enough? (James P. Winsor)
Cross (Crucifix) (Adolph Spaeth)
Martin Luther on the Practice of Making the Sign of the Cross
Luther on the Sign of the Cross
The Sign of the Cross (Paul H. D. Lang)
Conversions from Catholicism to Lutheranism
Disputed Doctrines (C. H. Little)
Question of Tithing (C. H. Little)
We All Believe In One True God (Wallace H. McLaughlin)
The Popular Commentary of the Bible (Paul E. Kretzmann)
Life with God: A Survey of Biblical Doctrine (Laurence L. White)
Romans: The Chief Part of the New Testament and the Very Purest Gospel (Laurence L. White)
The Book of Revelation: Scripture’s Crescendo and Culmination (Laurence L. White)
Art May Serve as a Means of Grace (Nathan Wagenknecht)
The Roots and Fruits of Pietism (Ronald R. Feuerhahn)
Facts About Lutheranism (Richard P. Bucher)
We Are Beggars: Luther’s Legacy to Christianity (Hermann Sasse)
Controversies in the Church (Hermann Sasse)
Lies (Hermann Sasse)
Luther on Lies
The Biblical Doctrine of Prayer (Raymond Surburg)
Regular Prayer and the Ministry (Kurt E. Marquart)
Luther on Prayers for the Dead
Prayer: The Voice of Faith (John T. Pless)
The Question of Procedure in Theological Controversies (Kurt E. Marquart)
Compendium of Positive Theology (Johann Wilhelm Baier; edited by C. F. W. Walther)
First Presidential Address - 1848 (C. F. W. Walther)
Concerning the Name “Lutheran” (C. F. W. Walther)
Doctrinal Aberrations (C. F. W. Walther)
Sermons of C. F. W. Walther
C. F. W. Walther: Select Sermons
Focal Points of the Evangelical Lutheran Confession and Identity (Kurt E. Marquart)
9.5 Theses for a Continuing Reformation (Harold L. Senkbeil)
What Does It Mean to be Lutheran Today? (Laurence L. White)
The Calvinist Streak in the American People (John Schaller)
On the Concept of Theology (John Schaller)
Lutheranism and World History (Werner Elert)
St. Augustine was a Lutheran (Darel E. Paul)
Was Luther Augustinian?
Cardinal Principles of Lutheranism and “Evangelical Theology” (Karl L. Barth)
Luther and Healing (Bengt R. Hoffman)
The Charismatic Movement in the Lutheran Church (Julius V. Kimpel)
A Formula of Agreement: A Theological Assessment (Concordia Theological Seminary)
Luther Against the Devil (Heiko A. Oberman)
Buls’ Notes on the Web
Underlying Causes of the Deterioration and Breakdown of the Old Norwegian Synod (Christian Anderson)
The Doctrinal Position of the Norwegian Synod (Christian Anderson)
A Brief History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Part 1 (John L. Hoh)
A Brief History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Part 2 (John L. Hoh)
The Lutheran Movement in England During the Reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI - 1908 edition (Henry Eyster Jacobs)
The Lutheran Movement in England During the Reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI - 1890 edition (Henry Eyster Jacobs)
American Lutheranism, Volume II (F. Bente)
American Lutheranism, Volume II (F. Bente) [second site]
The Lutherans in America (Edmund Jacob Wolf)
Institutes of Ecclesiastical History (J. L. Mosheim)
Churches and Sects of Christendom (Juergen Ludwig Neve)
The Distinctive Doctrines of the Different Christian Confessions, in the Light of the Word of God (Karl Graul)
The Orthodox Church and the Lutherans: An Ecumenical Correspondence (Morten Møbjerg)
A Brief Statement of the Doctrinal Position of the Missouri Synod


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Lutheran Heritage Web Site
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Concordia Cyclopedia (1927) [second site]
The Wittenberg Trail
Lutheran Theology on the Web
Studium Excitare
Mark Nispel: Nebraska Latinist
A Selection of Kurt Marquart’s Writings
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Texas Confessional Lutherans - Papers and Hymns of Interest to Confessional Lutherans
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Online Essay File
WELS Commission on Worship - Articles About Worship
LCA Commission on Worship - Biblical & Theological Resources
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LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations
LCMS Commission on Worship - Articles / Archives
Issues, Etc. - Resource Guide: Articles and Links
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Lutheran Electronic Archive
Walther Library, Pro Bono Ecclesiae: Theological Resources for the Church (Concordia Theological Seminary)
Symposia: Exegetical and Confessional Theology (Concordia Theological Seminary)
For the Life of the World (Concordia Theological Seminary)
Concordia Theology (Concordia Seminary)
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St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church and Campus Center - Tracts and Writings (Laramie, Wyoming)
Holy Cross Lutheran Church (Saint Charles, Missouri)
Grace, Kincardine/Southampton Lutheran Churches - Great Papers and Sermons (Ontario)
Soli Deo Gloria
Reformation Today
Bill Ritchie’s Christian Homepage
Resources for Lutherans
Theology of the Cross: The Faith Luther Confessed
Acta et Scripta


Lutheran Sites with Useful Information
Semper Reformanda
Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology
The Lutheran Source
Gottesdienst: A Quarterly Journal of the Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgy
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Lutheran Synod Quarterly Online (Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary)
Learn About Jesus (ELS Board for Evangelism)
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Theologia: The Student Journal of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Australian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Confessional Lutherans Australia - Papers and Studies
Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod - Belief and Practice
Concordia Seminary Publications
Concordia Theological Quarterly (Concordia Theological Seminary)
Walther Library - Pro Bono Ecclesiae (Concordia Theological Seminary)
Lutheran Church–Canada - Theological Documents
Lutheran Theological Review (Lutheran Church–Canada)
Ad Fontes: Conference for Orthodox Lutheran Theology and Worship
Church of the Lutheran Confession - Online Library
Doctrinal Position of the Concordia Lutheran Conference
Concordia Lutheran Conference - Convention Proceedings and Essays
Concordia Lutheran Conference - The Concordia Lutheran Online
Publications of the Lutheran Ministerium and Synod–USA
Evangelical Lutheran Conference and Ministerium - Theological and Biblical Papers
American Association of Lutheran Churches - What We Believe: Theology and History
Augsburg Lutheran District
Table Talk - Articles (Lutheran Student Fellowship, Australia)
Evangelical Lutheran Synod Doctrine Statements
Christ For Us - Papers by Pastor Rolf Preus
Grace Lutheran Church (Madison, Wisconsin)
Trinity Lutheran Church (Fisherville, Ontario)
Our Savior Lutheran Church and School (Houston, Texas)
Faith Lutheran Church and School - Collection of Confessional Papers (Plano & Wylie, Texas)
Resurrection Lutheran Church (Corpus Christi, Texas)
St. Paul Lutheran Church - Pastor’s Scribblings (Hamel, Illinois)
Messiah Lutheran Church - Pastor’s Papers (Seattle, Washington)
Holy Trinity (New Rochelle, New York)
Hope Lutheran Church - Pastor’s Page (Aurora, Colorado)
Confess And Teach For Unity
CAT41 TableTalk Files and Resources
Lutheran Wiki
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Alliance of Evangelical Lutheran Lay People
Lutheran Resources
The Sacrament Forum
Luther Land
Lutheran (Myron Berg)
Pastor Arnold Ruddat’s Library
“The Cross Is Our Theology”
Orthodox Lutheran Web Page
LutheranOrthodoxy.Net - Theological Papers
Reclaiming Walther in the LCMS - Articles
Walking with Martin Luther
Lutherans Informed about Lodges
Sound Witness
Cross+Wise: Lutheran by God’s Grace
Crossings - Thursday Theology
Mr. Pipe Organ’s Web Site
Lex Orandi
Answers In Action - Theology Articles Page The Christian, The Church and The World from a Lutheran Perspective
Scriptoriet: Morten Møbjergs Hjemmeside


Non-Lutheran Sites with Useful Information
Google Book Search: “Lutheran”
Project Canterbury - Lutheran Resources
Beggars All: Reformation and Apologetics: Martin Luther
New Testament Research Ministries
κατα Π: Bible Resource Pages
Christianity - Lutheran Web Site Links
Witnesses Against Antichrist Through the Ages
The Seminary of the Anglican Way: Additional Texts
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Interns and Seminary Students - Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church (Saint Louis, Missouri)
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A Puritan’s Mind
A 21st Century Puritanism - Library
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Quodlibet: Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy
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Fides Quaerens Internetum
GodRules.NET - Bible study tools
The Book of Common Prayer - 1549 (with strong Lutheran influences)
The Liturgy Archive
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